• Tianjin MORESCO Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xi Qing District, Tianjin, China, was established in March, 2014. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that is invested by MORESCO – a Japanese stock company. MORESCO is a chemistry corporation and its creed is “Although glimmer can give out light”. It has various of products, including high-vacuum pump oil for use in industries where high vacuum are required; fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for use in the steel and automobile industries; extremely safe liquid paraffin oil for use as a raw material in cosmetics; adhesive of hot melt used on sanitary materials such as paper diaper. MORESCO also has its branch office in Shanghai and Wuxi, China.

    Tianjin MORESCO Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committing to the manufacture of hot melt and its selling, in order to provide products for the areas mentioned above, which is, sanitary materials, motor vehicle, electromechanical facilities, daily necessities and so on. Our aim is to strengthen domestic production enterprise in China and offer customers reasonable high quality products. 

    The whole company make their efforts to achieve the aim of improving “Quality ? Trust ? Environment”!


    General manager   Yumoto Kenji